Mobile Penetration Test

There are more mobile devices than computer nowadays. Companyes and people find themselves working more and more using their own or corporate mobile devices. On top of that, it is clear that technology is taken us to a complete mobile world, where we do literally everything on mobile platforms. Knowing this, it imperative that organizations take the security of this devices and applications as one of the most important items in their organization.

Android, iOS & Window Mobile

Mobile penetration tests will allow you to identify common and platform-specific vulnerabilities in your applications such as the lack of SSL or SSL pinning, SQL Injection, improper session management, use of cryptography and credential storage, updating, among others. On top of that, our security team is constantly researching new issues and vulnerabilityes in order to provide our customers the latests attack vectors.

Mobile OWASP Top 10

Having said this, we make sure our tests satisfy all compliance requirements and we cover OWASP Top 10 list of vulnerabilities to ensure that we are always looking for what the security industry dictaminates as the most important and relavant issues today.

Insecure >Data Storage
Weak Server Side Controls
Insufficient Transport Security
Client Side Injection
Authorization & Authentication
Improper Session Handling
Security Decisions via Untrusted Input
Side Channel Leakege
Broken Crypto
Information Disclosure<