Meet the Executive Team

We are a small startup with a straightforward vision. We want to bring the best, latest and most advance security to our customers. We aim at a new kind of Information Security consulting passionate about providing the latest techniques and threats mimicking real world attackers in order to truly secure systems. With this simple but ambisious vision, we started gathering people from many places and different expertises.



Victoria Damonte is an experienced Argentinian Entrepeneur and Business Administrator with a background in areas such as pharmaceuticals, security and real state. Victoria brings years of experience in business into the the mix to provide a fun but yet serious hacking environment.



Matias Brutti brings his hardcore Argentinean love of hacking and applies it with a smooth hand. A man of class, when he’s not using his intimidating mental prowess on the job, he likes to kick back with some Ghost in the Shell, a nice Malbec, and only the finest sushi or Argentinian asados.